Microsoft Teams Grant Approvals

Good afternoon all

I am the Global Administrator for our Microsoft Teams installation and a selection of our users want to use the MS Teams/Smartsheet app.

Within The Teams admin I have approved the 10 or so global permissions Smartsheet requires, and I have clicked "Grant Admin Consent for [Company]" in Azure.

The users are still being prompted for admin credentials though when they try to add (or access) a new Teams tab with SmartSheet in. The 4 Azure rights they are being asked for are not being written back to the tenant so Admin creds are needed on every desktop.

Am I missing something with the rollout of SmartSheets or is there some PowerShell to add these extra 4 rights to the Azure tenant to let my users work?



P.S We also figure out the "Grant Access" button doesn't work at all from the app, we had to do that from a browser, but even that didn't let the 4 permissions stick.


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @GaryW,

    If, as an Admin, you have completed all the indications outlined in this article and yet the error is thrown. Our Support team seems better positioned to investigate this. If you haven't done yet, I would recommend opening a ticket via this form. When doing so, please make sure to list the specific steps used by the affected users and include a screenshot of the message received by the users prompting them to add "Admin credentials". It would also be helpful if you could confirm whether or not this integration has worked as expected in the past.