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My sheet has two forms which serve the same purpose; one is an old version, the other a new version. I do not want to delete the old version as some people may not have the link to the new version.

1) Is there a way to provide people with the link to the new form via automation when they try to submit the old form?

2) I want to track how many rows are created via the new form vs. the old form so that I can determine when I may safely delete the old form. I added the "Created by" column to my sheet, thinking that it might somehow differentiate between the two forms, but it does not.

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  • Sing C
    Sing C ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @deb_63_hydracor,

    A couple of suggestions I have:

    1. I'm not aware of an automation to redirect from one form to another. Would it be an option to include a link to the new form from the old one, with some details about when the old one will be discontinued? Perhaps even removing all the form fields and leaving just the link and the accompanying text, so users know they need to click the new link and have some time to update their bookmarks.
    2. There's likely a smarter way to do this but perhaps you could change your "Created by" column to an "Origin" or "Source" column (dropdown list with two values: Old, New) and add to both forms as hidden fields and default the value to 'Old' in the old form and 'New' in the new form.

    I hope this helps.

    Let me know how you get on.



    Sing Chen

    Process Architect, Ceridian


  • deb_63_hydracor
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    Hi Sing,

    Great suggestions! Thanks so much!