All sheets gone but the templates left


I am a licensed user. I logged in to the Smartsheet today and found all the sheets I had are gone. No matter whether shared or unshared they disappeared, even the workspace I created for my team. the only thing I have on my Sheet page is some templates I used for tests long ago. I am not sure what is going on. But that led to a huge inconvenience for management. I was moved out of MY workspace which luckily still works right now and the owner of the workspace becomes Smart Sheet instead of me. Currently, I have my teammate share the workspace with me, but all I can do is just view it as an editor. Those automations I set before can not be modified by myself right now.

But luckily, all the configurations I set in the Datamesh are still here.

I am wondering if it is because of the reset password thing a few days ago. I just want to know if it is possible I can get my sheet back and have all the permissions back.