DataMesh - Lookup value in Source deleted - target keeps stale data?

Hi all,

when a row lookup value column is deleted in the Source sheet, this change is not being updated in the target.

I'm mapping two sheets based on a unique key, and run data mesh. All selected columns are now copied over to the target. But when I now delete a row in the source, the next time DataMesh runs the data in the target will remains unchanged, because there is no lookup value anymore. Instead I'd expect the previously copied data also to be deleted in the target.

I thought I could solve this by using the "Create Cell Links" option, but in the scenario above DataMesh only removes the cell link, but leaves the data untouched.

Is there any workaround to this?




  • Ella
    Ella ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Julian Bergmann are you saying you want data in the target sheet to be deleted if you remove the Lookup value column? I do not think that's possible, the datamesh just stops running in such cases.

  • Hi @Ella . Yes, ideally the data should be deleted, especially when I use the cell link option. To me it's more logical to remove the data in the target when the linked cell in the source does not exist anymore, instead of leaving the now unlinked data in the target cell.

    However I just tested this without DataMesh, and it's the same behaviour with manual cell links.

    I guess I'm back to nested INDEX & MATCHes. Too bad, I really like DataMesh, but this is a show stopper for me.