Whom should I contact...

...to get my "Account Executive - Expansion" to STOP emailing me?!?!?!

I have repeatedly asked this guy to stop with his sales pitches.

He has never answered a single email from me when I request specific information (ex: I would like some pricing information on Data Shuttle...) yet he continues to send me "exciting new offers" explaining how Smartsheet can help me with this and that..

the usual canned email:


I noticed you're probably trying to manage a multitude of projects within Smartsheet right now based on the data I am seeing. I'am guessing you are running into some of these issues:

  • Reporting accuracy
  • Time spent creating project portfolio dashboards
  • Manual updates to dashboards and reports upon project completion 

There are ways that we can fully automate this process- would like to have a conversation about it? I am available next Tuesday or Wednesday." 

This email makes it seem like he is so vested in my account that he spends his days watching the number of sheets and reports I click through...

When I respond and ask, again..."Can I get some pricing info on Data Shuttle" I get silence - only to be hit with another pitch days later.

I have unsubscribed to various emails in hopes he'd get the hint but I do not want to unsubscribe from all Smartsheet emails.

But, seriously, this has really become a major annoyance and I want him to stop. This is highly unprofessional. He has not acknowledged a SINGLE response since he first introduced himself.

Rant over.

Mr. Account Executive - please meet Mr. Permanently Delete Junk Mail filter