Dynamic View - Activity Log?


I am sharing a DV link with an outside vendor. And so I'd like visibility into whether or not they've even accessed the sheet. I can easily ask the question but would imagine, like reports and or sheets, a feature like 'Activity Log' would be available.

Am I missing something, does Dynamic View use the underlying sheet's activity log?



  • HaubFather

    A coworker and I just had this same question and we did some testing and it DOES seem that viewing the sheet under Dynamic View does result in a "sheet view" under the log. Same for testing changes. You'll see an "API - Other Client" notation at the end of the activity to let you know that view/change came from Dynamic View vs SmartSheets.

  • Amy M Metzger

    What is really odd is that I created a new sheet from an existing sheet, and then I deleted rows from the new sheet. The original sheet is now blank. I thought I deleted them from the wrong sheet, but it isn't in the activity log for the original sheet, just an "API - Other Client" notation which I do not understand at all. I do see it in the second sheet. I'm so sad, I have to recreate this data!!

    I don't even know that we had dynamic view? Or what that is.


  • Jason H
    Jason H ✭✭✭

    @Amy M Metzger - Dynamic View is the way to go. You can work internally off just 1 sheet with co-workers, then use Dynamic View sheet to hide or set as 'read only' the internal fields you want the outside party to see/ update.