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I'm setting up my first data shuttle config...

I want to set up a workflow that onloads specific isolated data from a Excel file on BOX and i want it to update the spend column on my smart sheet.

The config is asking please select a unique identifier column at the name your workflow stage.

Is this a issue because I'm mapping columns from the excel version that differ in name to the smart sheet version? Do both the source sheet and the target sheet require a matching UID say for example a supplier ID on both sheets to make this work?


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/23/22


    The column names on the Excel file do not need to be identical to the column names on the SmartSheet. The reason why you need a Unique Identifier Column is to identify which row in the destination sheet the data is updated for.

    For example, if you choose the option to just replace all rows on the destination sheet with the data in the source file you do not need to specify the Unique Identifier Column. That is because it just clears out what's on the destination sheet and overwrite everything.

    If you want it to take information from your Excel file and update existing rows on a SmartSheet, then it needs to identify where that data goes to. So you need to have a column on both the target SmartSheet and source file that has a piece of data which is unique, is the same in both the source and target, and does not repeat in any other rows on either the target or the source.