What are the main points of these premium apps? For an absolute newbie

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Data Mesh, Dynamic View & Pivot?

What are the purposes of these?? Dynamic view sounds like a Report? Pivot converts my sheet into a Pivot? What exactly is the purpose of Data Mesh?

I have a sheet with data not in a primary column. I would like to be able to make a second sheet where all the data from the first sheet are now the primary column and see what tasks are associated with that. Can Data Mesh do that?

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    Of those apps, I've only used Dynamic View. Dynamic View can be helpful because sometimes a sheet can get really busy with a ton of columns with formulas etc and maybe most of the columns are formulas to drive information to another column etc. Then dynamic view can help you to view only the important columns.

    Additionally when you create a form from a sheet that allows your team to add a new row to the sheet, it doesn't allow those team members to view what they entered or make changes later. Dynamic View can do that. They can either add a new row or view an existing row and make changes to it. Dynamic View lets them see only the important fields that they need to see and not all the fields in the background that help the sheet do the work.

    Also, you can set up Logic the way you can in a form to only display certain fields if other fields are filled out with specific things. For example, I created a sales sheet to take orders. If they select a specific product type they get prompted with cells from columns A, B, and C to fill out but if they select a different product type they get prompted with cells from columns D, E, and F to fill out, etc.

    Dynamic View can also allow inserting of images directly into cells instead of being an attachment. This can be used to create form fillable PDFs with images inserted into the document instead of them just being attached to the row the way a Form would collect an image as an attachment which then can't be used to insert the image into a PDF with document builder the way it could be with Dynamic View.