Automating the filling of an application form using Smartsheet


I have an application form that needs to be filled out annually for renewals. I am trying to automate the filling of this form through Smartsheet.

  1. The challenge is different parts of this form is filled out by different stakeholders. If I add all my questions as rows and send information requests to stakeholders I automate the "manual process of collecting information via email". However how do I consolidate all of this information to automatically fill up the form as well? (Trying to use document generator which requires the fields in the PDF to be columns)
  2. The second challenge is that the form is excessively long with a minimum of 25 questions so if I have to use document generator, would it make sense to add all questions as columns?
  3. I also have questions which need me to tick "Yes" or "No". Is that something that can be transferred to Smartsheet document builder?
Any help/ideas are appreciated, thanks!