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Automation: Attachment to Proofs


Would be very helpful if we could version up Proofs direct from new attachments. Often times the Teams are editing directly in Word Docs or uploading PDFs, once they are ready for approvals you can only convert to a Proof once before that function no longer works. Doesn't help when you have multiple rounds of edits...

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  • RachalRobles


    I asked the community the below question and was instructed to submit this idea here because I was told it was not possible currently. Thanks.


    Is there a way to create an automation to email a final Proof? I need Smartsheet to automatically email a Proof once the Proof has been marked as completed. Additionally, I need it to send the proof to a group of emails which would be a contact column in my sheet.

    Currently, we have to manually download and then email the final Proof to the select group of individuals. I'm hoping to automate this process.

    I currently have to hide the proof column and the attachment column from employees as the proof draft(s) and generated attachment(s) have confidential information and only one department has authorization to see such documents. Once the proofs are completed and the confidential information has been removed, then I need a more efficent way to get the PDF to other departments.

  • Monicacraven
    Monicacraven ✭✭✭✭

    I'd love to be able to write an automation that once a document was generated by the automation doc generator and saved on the line as a PDF that a secondary automation would set up a proof structure based on preestablished rules. It would eliminate staff having to return to the document once the generator was done before they sent out the proof notifications.