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Sharing Sheet not Working for a collborator

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I have a collaborator who I gave access to on a smartsheet, and they have entered data earlier in the day. but now when they try to login, they get a message saying smartsheet not shared. I have deleted the user from the smartsheet and reshared but they are still getting the message smartsheet not shared

Can anyone help?


  • It's possible that your colleague isn't signing in to Smartsheet with the same email address that you've shared the sheet to.

    Have them double-check, character for character, the email address in the bottom left corner of their browser window that they see when they log in. (I've also seen people log in on one email address with their computer and a different one in the Smartsheet mobile apps, so double-check that as well.)

    Make sure they sign out (Account > Sign Out in the upper left corner of the browser window) and sign in with their correct email address), or make sure that you share the sheet to their other email address.

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