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Automations: include attachments



  • Just adding my frustration here to add all attachments (not changes) to a notification. I've seen this request came from 2019 already. Unbelievable that a standard request in 2024 has still not been considered. I've read about the workaround that you must put a request for an update to your end user, which seems completely unnecessary why I want someone to complete a request when I just want to give them an update?

  • AirlineDataGuy

    I'll add my name to the list of not being able to add an attachment from a row to an alert needing to be added ASAP.

  • dsherwin
    dsherwin ✭✭✭
    edited 03/06/24

    I'm running into a similar issue. I have a pdf document being auto generated for a row and need to have it sent to the requestor once it is generated. I had an automated notification workflow that was doing this but it does not seem to be working anymore. The notification is still being sent but the attachment is no longer included.

    Below is the email that the requestor would previously receive.

  • Parker Brown

    Agree with the previous comments that allowing the attachments on a row to be sent via email from alert someone action in workflows would be a key feature. From research this possibly was viable previously so not sure why it was eliminated. Any timeline for when this would be added?

  • Linda Hoydic
    Linda Hoydic ✭✭✭✭

    Any update on the ability to include an attachment with a subsequent workflow? I have an approval workflow that includes the attachment. When the attachment is approved, a second workflow kicks off to notify the person to send the file. It would be nice if the attachment (it is selected to include) was included with that email so the individual doesn't have to open the sheet and download the file. Seems to be an unnecessary step.

    I suppose if there are multiple attachments to the row, the system will not be able to distinguish which one to send. That said, even it the notification included multiple attachments, the user would know which one is applicable to the task.

    I know the system used to include the attachment, I had this functionality set up on another sheet and it worked when it was first set up, then it stopped working. Please consider restoring the functionality.

  • cbrown_sunlight212

    I mam having the same problem. I would really like to be able to automate the process of sending an email with the attachment without linking back to the sheet

  • Echomike

    Please. Please. Even if we cannot directly attach the file enable a clean, customer friendly - professional non-sheet, non-smartsheet branded link landing page for them.

  • Paul McGuinness
    Paul McGuinness ✭✭✭✭✭✭