(Premium Resource Mgmt App) Resource Mgmt for Tops down planning?


Has anyone used the new Resource Mgmt app for tops down quarterly planning for their teams? Instead of using Resource Mgmt from a bottoms up program level, rather I'd like to use it for a tops down estimate/ forecast of team capacity across multiple programs. E.g, Sophia will be on Program A for 10% of her time, Program B for 50% of her time in November.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @sophia.moradian

    Are you looking to plan at the project-level, or will planning always stay at the program level?

    If it's the latter, you could create projects for each program and allocate time that way. That would work for high level planning, but would make it harder if you wanted to do "phase 2 planning" (where you drill into specific projects).

    If you want to do both, you could have "program bucket" projects for the high level and then create specific projects within the programs. They could all be tied together via a custom project field and then you can shift allocation from the general bucket to specific projects when you have them (to avoid over-allocating). That would provide a rudimentary "retainer" system.

    I'd also be interested to see if other Community members have additional suggestions!