Data Shuttle Upload Merge

I have a sheet for tracking monthly KPIs from the vendors. For each month there is a Text/Number score column, a Symbols status column (uses a formula), a % change from the previous month expressed in numbers (uses a formula), and a Symbols change from the previous month expressed in up, down and sideways arrows (uses a formula).

I am trying to add the August and September scores each on a separate .xlsx sheet from the vendor using the "Merge data into the target based on a key column value" workflow action, but it's not working. It will work with the "Replace all Target sheet rows..." action, but then I have to go back and redo all the formula columns. I have everything mapped, and I chose KPI Description as the key column value for the Merge action ( there are also , Service Line, KPI Category, and KPI Name to choose from, each with a unique value).

Any thoughts on why this is not working? Above is a screenshot of the sheet I am try to add to and below is a sample of the data I am trying to upload.

Also, on the mapping portion of the work action one field is appearing differently from the rest and I do not know why

Any help would be much appreciated,