Is it possible to pull data from to automatically?

Jez Akali
Jez Akali ✭✭
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We're trying to automate reporting, to prevent having to manually download data from and edit in different programmes e.g. googlesheets.

Is it possible to automatically pull data from into, which then feeds into a project dashboard in

The only benefits I keep on seeing for having both and, is the RM panel.




  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Jez Akali

    The RM Panel in Smartsheet allows you to sync certain changes between Smartsheet and Resource Management. This means that the sheet will be updated based on your updates in Resource Management (the two platforms are connected through the Panel).

    Here's the Help Article with more information: Sync Resource Management assignments with Smartsheet

    With this new capability, you’ll be able to make assignment changes directly in Resource Management and have those changes automatically applied to the connected sheet. Changes in Resource Management to work item description, assignee, dates, and allocation can be synced back to Smartsheet. These changes are automatic, with no extra steps or confirmation required.



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  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan Overachievers Alumni


    By data, do you mean things like the actual time reported, or financial information? The two way sync that comes as standard is more around the tasks start/end dates, % allocation and so on.

    For the examples I mentioned above, you would need something like the Bridge connector, to define a workflow to extract the data from RM and populate it back into a Sheet that you can then display in reports/dashboards etc.

    In terms of how is this done, this is something i'm just at the start of so am still to build a Bridge workflow to get this working.



  • Dawn_ATX
    Dawn_ATX ✭✭✭✭

    This is exactly what I am trying to build right now. The only thing that I can't figure out is I want to get the actual APPROVED hours from RM back into Smartsheet so we can start to do forecasts for hours on projects accurately. There's not a field for "approval status" it looks like I can use, just created date and updated date. Lmk if you figure this out or find a solution!

  • Matt Suderman

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  • Mark Ryan
    Mark Ryan Overachievers Alumni

    Hi @Dawn_ATX

    I have built an integration with Bridge that does exactly that, and pulls the Actual Apporved hours back into the corresponding row/column in my Intake Sheet. The RM Integration in Bridge is extremely configurable, and gives you the option of what hours you want to include in the report you are pulling out

    I then use the Filters section to populate the specific project ID, based on a column in the same row of my Intake sheet, to get the specific approved hours for a project reported back.

    Hope that makes sense

  • Lindsay Whitbread

    I had a lot of Resource Management customers asking for this kind of thing, so we built a connector that brings all of the timesheet data from RM into Smartsheet. It includes a lot of columns of data so that reports and calculations are easy to create.

    Apart from what has been discussed, it's also helpful to compare the charge-out rate with the fully loaded cost of people, so that the profitability of projects is easy to understand.

    If you'd like for the team I work with to set up that kind of connector, or you have any other questions, we have a couple of people who you can chat to - just email them at


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