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Add Column Description to Update Request


Include the column description when an update request goes out to provide some context to the column if it has a generic name.

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This is a terrific suggestion. We're working to provide collaboration guardrails that facilitate high-quality communication and leveraging existing context fits neatly into that construct. When we believe we can make this idea a reality, we'll plan to update the status here.


  • Adrian Mandile CHESS
    Adrian Mandile CHESS ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/02/22

    It would be useful in the Update Request Form for the system to make available to display the Column Descriptions that have been entered in the Sheet, as sometimes the users don't know what the field/column is about before they update it.

    This could be achieved by providing a small grey (i) icon next to the Column Name, that users could hover over.

    While we are at it, perhaps we could have/save Column (display) 'Labels' as well as Column Names - like we can edit in the new record Forms.

    We could also have a similar option in the new record Form to display the column description also.

  • kjones3
    kjones3 ✭✭
    edited 04/20/23

    I second this - update requests are fantastic except for the inability to give guidance for each of the fields. A column description would be a great first step. Changing the column name would be an added plus.

  • Matt Morrison

    This is an ideal update to report functionality. My team uses reports to customize data sets for our leadership team and the ability to provide a brief description for each column would align perfectly with the concept or developing focused reports from larger sheets.


  • jwilson970216

    This is an obvious improvement. I'd like to know what the purpose of a column description was expected to be when you can't even see it on reports.

  • Randall Alberts CBRE
    Randall Alberts CBRE ✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/21/23

    I like using the Request Updated so that a form is sent to the person where I am requesting an update. I would like to add some help test to the fields when it is sent. This is the same text that I might put in the column description. My update request is to include the Column Description under the name field. This way when the user gets the Update Request form, I can also provide a little bit of help as they fill out the auto-generated form.

  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I agree this would be a nice feature, but I want control over it. Sometimes I have column descriptions that should not necessarily be seen by the end user or would not be understood by the end user.

  • AWheatley

    Much needed also. Could we have an update as to when this feature will be released?

  • LydiaBR
    LydiaBR ✭✭✭

    This feature could be the difference between adoption and rejection for a project I'm on.

  • Megan_ClavieParker

    I agree this feature is really needed to make the update request forms functional. The 50-character limit on column names prevents adding those descriptors to the name. I also think it should be optional, so that we can select when to include column descriptions vs only the column name. In addition, the ability to add labels, help text, and even logic to update requests just like we can for a form would make this tool much, much more practical for our application.

  • Coryd

    Agree, this feature is really needed. We have a database of ~100 columns. Our team needs to update ~20, we accomplish this using a 'report'. The column descriptions were added to the database, however the team cannot view these definitions when in the 'report'

  • Hi, I believe carrying over the column description from sheets to reports should be an implemented. The same information should be carried over without having to bounce back and forth between sheets and reports.

  • starbird

    Agreed that this is something long overdue in need. Even if a short term solution is to allow us to get an export of all columns and column descriptions in a table. Would be a huge time saver for creating user documentation.