Why is my upload deleting all my rows?


I noticed an automation triggered and changed all my rows in a particular column in multiple customer sheets that are set up identically. I looked in the activity log and noticed all my rows deleted and then were inserted again. (Took place early morning on 10/24 for all sheets. I have all sheets scheduled for M-F running about every 30 minutes, starting at 6:00 am UTC and ending 6:00 pm UTC.) This is the first time I've noticed this happening and these sheets have been in working order for months. Does it have anything to do with the "Delete rows that no longer match the filter criteria" option? Again, this is the first time I've seen this happen. Also, I don't have any filters on the upload.

Thank you in advance.


  • Meg Y
    Meg Y ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Josh G.

    Has your workflow been updated recently and the Replace all Target sheet rows with data from the input file got checked? Or did something change in your files that triggered the delete and update action?

    I use the delete rows that not match the filter criteria and have not experienced the issue you mentioned. My upload runs on the schedule as yours.

    Meg Young


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  • Josh G.
    Josh G. ✭✭

    @Meg Y

    "Merge data..." is checked. Friday evening, the last upload ran and everything was fine. Monday morning, the rows were deleted and inserted. Nothing happened in between, with the exception of maybe a customer filling out the form that populates data into the master sheet, so I have no clue what caused it. Very odd that it happened to many of my sheets that have identical uploads (all pulling data from the same master sheet), just different clients, but it didn't happen to all of them. Again, it only happened on Monday morning and not on any other days.

  • TYannaMorrison22

    Hello Smartsheet group,

    I am facing the same issue trying to test an upload workflow. I have created an upload workflow that will pull from OneDrive - XLSX file and replace the rows of information into my target Smartsheet file. For some reason the target Smartsheet file is only deleting the rows of data and not uploading anything. Any advice here ?

    Not sure if my filtering is wrong but intended for the information to be coming in to meet the criteria of

    Active = True and Entitlement status = ACTIVE , SUSPENDED OR OVER_ENROLLED.

    The 7 rows that are in the target file met the criteria I just listed but for some reason , still deleting the 7 rows in the target sheet.