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Hello team,

I would like to build a sheet with automation to update and generate my PDF. After it generates from the form, the generated PDF should automatically be sent to the email contact drop down listed on the form. When the user inserts an email & pushes submit that form/pdf emails out to the email listed by user. As in just the PDF no access to the sheet.

Also, anyway to control what the submit button does?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Hawk328

    I'm moving this from the Product Ideas Category over to the main Community where questions are answered, as your idea is currently possible in Smartsheet!

    Smartsheet has a Workflow that can generate a document based on your Document Builder configuration, see: Build a workflow to automatically generate documents

    You could set the Trigger for this workflow to be when a Row is Added (from the Form Submission).

    Then you can set up another workflow to send an Alert to the Form Submitter with the trigger being when an Attachment is added. This means that when the first workflow finishes, it attaches a PDF to that row, which then triggers the second Alert workflow. Since the trigger for this second workflow is the attachment, this specific attachment will be included in the Alert! (Customize the content of your alerts and requests)

    If you want to test what this looks like, you can play our Community SmartLibs Game from this past Engage conference!

    You'll notice that while the sheet link is included in the email, this does not share you to the sheet. If you click on that link you'll be notified that you're not shared.

    In regards to the Submit button, you can have the Form reload or send the user to a URL. See this Help Article: Manage form display and submission options