Global Update of a New Template within an Existing Blueprint

Good day! I have created a new template inside of my Control Center Workspace Project Toolkit. I have updated the Blueprint with this template but when I go into each project to add the template it is listed but greyed out for selection. What am I missing? TY!


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Rachel Renfrew,

    I'd like to clarify that Global Updates doesn't have an option to include new templates in your Blueprint folder in case this is how you are trying to accomplish this. The correct way of doing this is outlined under "Add a New Template" from this article.

    In doing some testing in my own environment, I was able to successfully add newer templates to already provisioned project by following the steps above. Note that I had to add the new template as optional and then manually added them directly in each project (after my Blueprint had been updated) with the "Add New Templates" button as specified in "Add New Templates" from this article.

    When doing this, the new (optional) templates should be listed as required and you should have the option to add them by clicking on the "+" buttons beside as in my example below:

    When adding these templates as "required" I wasn't able to propagate them to existing projects, these would only be available to add to new projects.

    If the steps above can't help you adding new templates in either your Blueprint or existing provisioned projects, I would recommend opening a ticket with our Support team via this form or accessing the new Customer Support Portal.

    I hope that this can be of help!