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Set a Min-Max for Axis on Charts

I really like Dashboards and how it can visually tell where a project is at. What I do not like are the fluid charts. I would like to be able to set a Min-Max axis instead of having the axis change as items progress. Case in point with this script update - the min is 86% and the max is 102%. I want it to show from 0-100%.

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This would be a great enhancement to charts. While we do not have specific plans to deliver this feature in the near future, we do plan to enhance our charting capabilities and will consider this enhancement when prioritizing our backlog of improvements.


  • I also landed here because I was confused by the fact that my chart showed a y-axis range of 0-7 even though my source data range is 0-6. When the chart displays a '7' it implies that a value of '7' is possible, but it's not. So it makes the chart seem inaccurate. I don't mind the chart including some additional margin just for the purpose of white space or padding at the top, but it shouldn't be labeled. It's adding a value to the chart that's not actually in the data, which feels a little presumptuous.

  • Until Smartsheet fixes this, my solution for clients is to set the font for the axis with the percentages to be white which removes it (Highlighted area below). Then I add the value label to the series with the percent I want to display. When I do this to show progress, I use a stacked chart to show the remaining percentage (= 1-percentage I want displayed) and do not label the second series. Below is an example of progress against deliverables for a project plan. You may need to use bar chart vs. column if you find the series label is too crowded.

    If you want more info, find me on Linked In under Kristine Candela, and connect - I am happy to help!

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    Sort of, what you dont see is what you get :P

    Smart thinking, thanks for this workaround!

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