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Resource Management: To notify managed users in Resource Management if they get overallocated


A thing we really need in our company is a way for managed users in Resource Management to still get notification if they are overallocated across project plans in Smartsheet. Because even though they should not be a licensed user in Resource Management and see everybodys time and expenses, they should still be able to plan their time and get notifications if they have to plan their time differently. For example if a Plant Designer (a managed user in RM) is assigned in two different project plans and is allocated 70% in one and they estimates that they are going to be 60% allocated in the other project, when they then write 60% in that other project, smartsheet should then via Resource Management see that that is not possible, and notify the applicable person that they are 130% overallocated and it is these two applicable projects, that they need to look at.

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