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Moving a project to another blueprint in Control Center


To setup Control Center Portfolio WorkApps, you have to start with a new blueprint. Short of having to re-spin up assets, it does not appear there is a way to transfer a project from one blueprint to another in Control Center. For Example - you have Blueprint x that pulls from Intake and outputs to Master Project List. To setup CC Portfolio WorkApps you have to create Blueprint y that pulls from the original intake and outputs to the original Master. To be able to global update, the projects have to be in the same blueprint (or you have to do more than one global update), so a way to migrate the existing projects created under Blueprint x would be helpful. There are other use cases where this might be helpful, but this is probably the one that would be the most helpful.

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  • PSExcellence

    This is also incredibly helpful if you find you have too many blueprints and need a way to rethink/consolidate them (since there is a 30-blueprint limit). Currently I cannot delete "extra" blueprints because there are active projects tied to them. I need to be able to transfer the projects to a consolidated blueprint so I can delete the old versions to free up space.