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Ability to add to drop-down list options in columns with conditional formatting applied.

Idea Functionality: the ability to add options to drop-down lists in columns that already have conditional formatting applied without having to delete and then redo the conditional formatting for the existing options.

Idea Use Case: Column titled Status currently has 4 options to choose from and conditional formatting is applied to the cell based on the option chosen. There is a requirement to add another option to the Status column bringing the total options available to 5. 4 conditional formatting rules need to be deleted, the new option added to the drop-down list and then setup the conditional formatting again for the original 4 options plus the new option.

Idea Solution Scenario's: a) disable the existing conditional formatting, add the new option and then enable to existing rules and add a new rule for the new option b) pop-up message (similar to one an admin gets when overwriting a cell) giving an option to disable the conditional formatting rules that are applied and proceed with adding the new option c) setting a flag in conditional formatting that something has changed in the formatting rules related to the column that has been updated.

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