We have removed support for favoriting resource views in Legacy Resource Management


Hi Community, 

We have officially removed support for favoriting resource views in Legacy Resource Management. You will no longer be able to favorite any resource views, and any resource views already favorited will no longer be displayed in Favorites in the left navigation bar in Smartsheet.

Fortunately this does not delete or remove access to your resource views in Legacy Resource Management. You can always access items you own or are shared to from Browse. You can also bookmark your resource views in your web browser for easy access moving forward.

This affects All Plans. 

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John Hieger, Product Marketing Manager


  • VKitts

    I'm not familiar with the term "resource views". Does this include workspaces? I used to be able to favorite entire workspaces, but now I can only favorite individual sheets or folders within a workspace.

  • John Hieger

    A "resource view" provides a visual way to track and review how people in your Smartsheet plan (resources) are allocated across the projects they're working on. You can use resource views to make decisions about resource workloads.

    You can still favorite a Workspace, see here.