DocuSign- Could not send any envelopes error



I've been trying to work on the DocuSign integration over the last couple of days and just as I figured out the DocuSign piece within our organization, I am not running into this error when I try to generate my forms. I have followed steps from various videos and I got it to work once with a form that is no longer available to test out.

What could be the problem?



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @kschackert

    The first thing I'd do is check permissions across both platforms:

    • In Smartsheet, you need Editor permissions or higher to send documents and Admin or Owner permissions to create or edit a document mapping.
    • In DocuSign, you must be able to Allow users to send envelopes and Create templates.

    (See: Create and send documents out for DocuSign signatures)

    However it sounds like you have successfully made the connection, but DocuSign is sending you an error which is showing up as a generic error in Smartsheet.

    In this instance it sounds like there may be a required DocuSign field that's missing from the Document - I would suggest trying to send the document without the Smartsheet part of the process to troubleshoot directly within DocuSign, going through each of your fields and set-up in DocuSign itself. You may receive a more specific error that helps you identify the specific field this way! Here's DocuSign documentation that may be helpful as well.