Dynamic Report Scope not updating properly


I added a few reports to the Dynamic Report scope within our Blueprint in Control Center. After a new project was provisioned, rather than updating the source sheets to what I had selected, the previous selections (entire workspace and sheets) were still listed. The documentation notes say that this would be overwritten and updated to the new criteria. In addition, in the first project that was created afterward, rather than adding only the selected templates to the report for that project, it added all templates to the report. I went back into the control center and verified my selections and they are all correct. Thank you in advance for any insight.


  • I was able to resolve the issue. I experimented with numerous ways to fix the issue, but this was the only one that worked. The issue was that that the reports that I added to the Blueprint had a full list of pre-exiting scope sheets selected, along with the workspace (see image below). These were cloned reports originally and had the entire workspace in scope, otherwise this would not have been possible to do. As long as the workspace was included in the list, the report would not update. If you try to create a new report from scratch and have the workspace selected, it will not also list sheets in the source listing. When I made a change to the source sheets to remove one of the reports, the list automatically updated and the workspace listing disappeared. The next project provisioning updated that report as it should. Note, in this case, if you remove the workspace listing, it will remove every sheet on the list as well. I suspect this is a bug in the cloning (Save as New) process. Now, that does mean that I have to go back and rescope all my cloned reports in the actual report to update the Source sheet listings.