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Use Groups for permissions in Workapps


I use a Group (from the Group Management functionality) to enable permissions in a Workspace (and therefore all of the sheets, dashboards, and reports in the workspace).

However, in Workapps, we can not assign permissions to roles based on this Group. We have to enter users in individually. The screen capture shows the permission window from Workapps for reference.

When we need to make changes to a users permissions, we can not change the permission in one place. For example, if we need to delete a user's permission, we must do it in the Group and Workapp.


  1. The Groups created in Group Management can be used across all Smartsheet apps so that we have one place to manage a user's permission.
  2. We can add a user as an individual to an WorkApp if they need a permission level not provided by their registration in the group. (this can be done now in Sheets, Reports, Dashboards).

fyi @Mindy.cordova89921

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  • Tim Starkey
    Tim Starkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    OMG. I can't believe this is not already a functionality. We are not using workapps yet, but considering for both internal apps (ticketing, intranet) and client facing apps (summary project updates, reporting, file access) I assumed smartsheet permissions carried over to workapps. Why wouldn't it? Sorry if I am coming across as rude. I love the platform. But the we get further into the 'smartsheet' ecosystem, I am finding the integration to be... haphazard. Control center can only update some formatting with random success, automation UI varies across premium apps, dynamic view removes almost all formatting features (including grouping) and is just generally a cludgy (why do i have to click on the cell to open the panel to change the information there? Why cant the interface be like sheets), reports dont allow seperate formatting... and now group managment doesnt apply across the platform? It feels less and less like a cohesive platform, and more like a marketplace of apps that sort of work together. Sorry for the rant, but the truth is I get very excited about the potential... and then i find out the limitations. Please give this idea from Marc 10,000 upvotes :)