[QUESTION] What (and HOW LONG UNTIL) Enhancement Requests become Features?


After using Smartsheet for about a year, I have not found where Enhancement Requests become features in Smartsheet.

It seems that there is a chasm of disconnect between the Community's expectation for Enhancements becoming Features and that of Smartsheet. So, what's the process to vet out Enhancement Requests and plan the development work and implement the solution?

I presume some Smartsheet "Feature Realization" happens though it's not yet apparent to me. In my use of the Community Forum so far, myriad of my Feature searches are in vain. Meaning, I search for features available in MS Project/ MS Excel and find a passionate community response clamoring for the feature for many years and yet the features aren't yet in the Smartsheet product. What gives?

So I ask, where can I see the timelines for 1) recently released Features; and, 2) for the time-bound commitment by Smartsheet to convert Community Enhancement Requests into real Features? I've looked for this and haven't found it. If it's out there, please point me in the right direction.

Based on the dozen or so searches I've made in just the last 2 months, I suppose Smartsheet has a nearly .000 batting average (as in features implemented divided by enhancement requests). And, so much more aggravating to see many enhancement requests have gone unaddressed (not apparently acknowledged even) for YEARS.

If, instead, the reality is that Smartsheet manages e.g., 1 thousand distinct enhancement requests each year, and releases 10 new Features each year, that would help to put things in perspective. Seems there's a great opportunity here to improve new actual Feature releases and/ or improve communication of Smartsheet Feature releases.

Thanks and best regards,