Formula: CountIf

Here's the situation:

I have seperate source sheets for each function (Human Resources, IT, Finance, etc.) that syncs with data mesh (copy data) to a master sheet. However, sometimes rows get deleted from the source function sheets and then our master sheet still has the deleted row on it.

I'm trying to have a checkbox column with this formula so I can create automation so remove the line once the box is checked.

What I'd like the countif to check on the master sheet is if the Position ID# (that is unique) is on the source functional sheets that feed the master.

I got part of a formula from pro desk Kevin but still need the other part, here is what he sent me:

Here is how I typed the formula that isn't working (and maybe I'm doing it wrong lol)

=IF(COUNTIF({HR Position ID}, [Position ID]@row) = true, true, IF(COUNTIF({{ODPBS}, [Position ID]@row) = true, true, false))

If anyone has a better solution, I'm open to it. Thank you in advance! 😉


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