Alert someone using send to contacts in cell not working

Luke L
Luke L
edited 12/09/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Very similarly to jdavidso's question here: about not being able to deliver an alert to an email. I am encountering an issue he didn't specifically mention, nor did the answer solve my situation.

In my 'Alert Somone' action, I chose to 'Send to contacts in a cell'. That cell is filled out by the original form submitter and is also a contact list type with no contacts listed. I get a warning message however that states 'Some recipients may not get notified. Change your permission settings'.

with these being my options to share

The only choice that results in making this alert work is to set permissions here to 'Unrestricted', which doesn't seem like what I want, given I am not sending them back to the sheet. I just want to send an email regarding a denial of approval. What are the drawbacks to consider if I select 'unrestricted'? I'm assuming by using some dynamic fill in tags in the body of the email this is not what is forcing the sharing issue, but I could be wrong.

Thanks in advance for the help.