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Hi there, I am kind of new to SS formulas and I am trying to create a function that adds an amount to a column IF that column is a certain deal type. The columns that I need the addition to are labeled "Development WAG $" and "Implementation Costs $". IF the "Deal Type" column has "Lease/ Purchase" I need the $350,000 to be added to the "Implementation Costs $" column. IF the "Deal Type" column has "Lease-CareTrust", "Lease-Welltower", "Lease-Sabra", or "Lease-Omega" I need the $350,000 added into "Development Wag $" column. There is also a constant in the "Implementation Costs $" column of =([Bed (Estimate)]@row*6000, and in the "Development WAG $" column there is a constant of =[Development Hard Costs $]@row + [Development Soft Costs $]@row + [Developer Fee $]@row. There is also a formula in "Developer Fee $" column that says =IF(AND([Deal Type]@row <> "Lease / Purchase", [Deal Type]@row <> "Purchase"), 350000, 0). Not sure if this is useful. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Hi @Kebaca , you'll want to use the IF function for your Implementation Costs $ column. The IF function works like this...

    If (this is true, then do this, but if it wasn't true then do this)

    So the answer to your question is in your text above.

    This is the formula for your "Implementation Costs $" column

    =IF([Deal Type]@row = "Lease / Purchase", 350000+([Bed (Estimate)]@row*6000), ([Bed (Estimate)]@row*6000))

    You'll need to use the same IF function for your "Development Wag $" column, but also add the OR function for your 4 different choices. The OR function says if ANY of these are true separately, then return TRUE. So when we combine that with the IF function, we get...

    =IF(OR([Deal Type]@row = "Lease-CareTrust", [Deal Type]@row = "Lease-Welltower", [Deal Type]@row = "Lease-Sabra", [Deal Type]@row = "Lease-Omega"), 350000 +[Development Hard Costs $]@row + [Development Soft Costs $]@row + [Developer Fee $]@row, [Development Hard Costs $]@row + [Development Soft Costs $]@row + [Developer Fee $]@row)

    Double check the spaces and slashes in the double quotes in your formulas. What you have in the double quotes needs to match exactly to what's in your Deal Type column. (i.e. "Lease/Purchase" is not the same as "Lease / Purchase"

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