Process confirmation



I would like create a process confirmation with smartsheet to evaluate good pratice during meeting


The organizer was ready 5 minutes before / Agenda and meeting material was sent in advance.....

This check list will allow to the team of the meeting to evaluate itself on the principles that defined. The self-assessment allows the group to progressively become more aware of and adopt the rules through repetition and group pressure.

- The implications :

o The judgment is binary: yes/no

o The checklist must be easily accessible in order to be reviewed in the last minutes of the meeting as a routine

- Behind this, we must be able to use the information gathered in a Dashboard and make it accessible to all, allowing us to

o Compare the meetings between them

o Measure the level of application of our management rules for all our meetings

o To draw from it improvement actions either global (to make evolve the rules and the tools to apply them) or local (improvements specific to each meeting).

Could you help me to propose a template or idea to use Smartsheet instead of Excel please.