Turning off Control Center


Question about Control Center - is it possible to "turn off" control center and still be able to utilize the environment/solution that was created (even though it may be more manual)?

From my understanding, auto-provisioning of our project sheets will then become a manual step. However, I'm not familiar with the reporting, cell linking or dashboard repercussions. I'm hoping someone can help me better understand what would need to happen to keep the environment but outside of control center (do I need to map things by formulas, create cell links, etc.). Unfortunately, a Smartsheet rep built the blueprint, so I'm not familiar with what went into that.

As a side note, we do not use global updates. So, I'm not worried about losing the automation of updates.



  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    @Kaitlyn Carroll You would have to link everything manually, it would be very tedious, but theoretically it could be done. Are you having issues with control center?

    Depending on what you are needing you can create some templates, link them together, and then save the folder as new and the links will keep for your new folder.

    What you wouldn't get is the automatic roll up sheet that tracks data across all your projects that are provisioned in control center. You would have to set that up manually.

    Or are you just trying to turn off the auto provision so you can decide when a project gets provisioned?

  • Hi @Samuel Mueller,

    In an effort to save on cost and the fact that we do keep having issues with auto provisioning, we are not seeing the value of Control Center at this time for what we need.

    This was helpful and insightful.

    Thank you!