Document Builder DocuSign Error When Contact Column is Blank for Template Role

Kari Schmidt
Kari Schmidt ✭✭
edited 01/11/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

I'm using Document Builder with the DocuSign integration to route a pdf form for for signature(s). One to 3 signatures may be required. My DocuSign template has 3 roles that Need to Sign which are mapped to 3 columns on my smartsheet. When I test the DocuSign process using 3 contacts the document is generated and routed to all all 3 signers and completes the DocuSign document. Yay! But if my smartsheet row has the 2nd and 3rd contact columns empty (no contact/email as no signatures are required), then I get an error when I try to generate the pdf in Document Builder.

Can anyone confirm that the empty contact cells are what's causing my error, or suggest another reason I could troubleshoot? (I have confirmed the the remaining contact info/email addresses are correct.)

If the blank cells are the the cause of the error, is there a way to bypass roles in DocuSign if no email address is provided through the merge with smartsheet?