Summarize and add column balances into a new sheet but in rows


Hi I am relatively new so learning a lot lately on Smartsheet. I have created a grid file with information uploaded per row being each one a different project. There are several steps on each one, with different status and amounts involved.

I have created a workflow that creates and attaches a report per line with all information in the columns, which is then approved.

I want this sheet to then populate another one that would sum the amounts only of the "completed" steps and organized per name in columns "from" / "to". The unique value is the Project column, so I'm not sure if that's feasible.

Step 2 in the example is excluded since it's not "completed".

If a different setup is needed I could start from scratch again, that is, if they should be populated in rows instead of columns in the first grid it would be ok. However, the workflow with one report uploaded per project is a must.

I appreciate your responses!