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Allow Ownership Transfer for Jira Connector for Smartsheet


If a licensed user has set up a flow between a Jira Project and a Smartsheet sheet and they give notice or leave unexpectedly, there is no way to transfer ownership of the flow over to another licensed user. There is also no way to proactively transfer ownership over to another licensed user.

The workaround from the support teams is to take a screenshot of the old configuration and recreate it or translate the log from the Workflow Execution Support file.

Details from Smartsheet Support (case 05948215) below:


Option 1 - Screenshot the old workflow configuration

Currently, the easiest method to duplicate a workflow is to work with the employee who is leaving the company, and have them disable their workflow. Once their workflow is disabled, they will want to edit the workflow. You can create a new identical workflow as them and make sure to verify all of the same settings are in place in each workflow, and have it point to the same Sheet and JIRA project if needed. If they've already left the organization, I recommend asking your IT department and System Admin to give you access to the old user's account so that you can login to the connector with their credentials, edit the workflow, take screenshots of each screen in the workflow editor, then recreate the workflows under a different user profile.


Option 2 - Read and translate the Workflow Execution File

If you are unable to access the account or work with the employee who is leaving by going through each workflow and setting up identical copies, there is another method that can be used. You will want to obtain a copy of the Workflow Execution file for each of the Workflows to determine how each is setup, then you'll want to map same fields in a new Workflow.

Please take a look at the Workflow Execution file and compare the fields, and you will be able to create an identical workflow if you have the correct Jira Permissions to that project.

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  • Zeb Loewenstein
    Zeb Loewenstein ✭✭✭✭

    In order for Jira workflows to transfer ownership, we either need to manually recreate them or submit a Smartsheet support ticket. Having this be self-service will be extremely helpful, especially when employees depart suddenly. Program Leads do not have insight or the ability to recreate these on the spot, and the turnaround for Smartsheet Support to perform these transfers is tedious and lengthy which leads to data integrity issues between Smartsheet and Jira.


    1. Allow for self-service transfer of Jira Connector workflows without manual recreation or Smartsheet Support intervention.
    2. Allow for Control Center Program Leads or Jira Admins (denoted in Smartsheet) to be able to view, update or modify Jira Connectors owned by others.
  • francis.fromageot

    I'm the only one with access to all the workflows we have for our projects at my company. When workflows need adjustment, and I'm OOO or just unavailable, it's frustrating we cannot assign administrative access (or at least view access) to other colleagues.

  • Matt Kirby
    Matt Kirby ✭✭✭✭
    edited 03/26/24

    Similar to this if Smartsheet would develop a new role to allow for "Super Admins" in Jira Connector and Salesforce Connectors. These Super Admins can have read/write access to all workflows created, but do not have to be the originator of the server registration. Server registration would still need to be the Jira and Salesforce administrator, not the Smartsheet Jira/Salesforce connector administrator.