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Include option in dashboard widget settings for open in new tab


I'd like there to be a new option in the dashboard widget settings to allow the choice of whether shortcut links are opened in a new tab or the same tab.

This includes Smartsheet items (which currently don't open in new tab).

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We love this idea too! We know small things like opening items in a separate tab really matter to the overall experience. If we believe we can make this idea a reality, we'll plan to update the status here.


  • BobMander

    We get requests for this specific feature from our users. It would be great to see it implemented soon. Thank you.

  • parulmishra
    parulmishra ✭✭✭✭✭

    As a workaround you can try using the website option on the Shortcut Widget and Paste the Smartsheet Item link in the Link address. It will always open the smartsheet item in a new tab.

    Parul Mishra

  • Taylor Mauzy


    I just wanted to suggest an improvement to dashboards, specifically. It would be very nice to open up links to other dashboards/sheets/miscellaneous links in new tabs, or to at least have that as an option (ie- right click option).

    I have noticed that some things open in new tabs, but it is very tedious to have to open a bookmarked dashboard, and then click that to go to a sheet, and it takes you there on the same tab. It means I have to keep clicking on my dashboard links to get to other sheets, and it takes away from the usefulness of dashboards as a 'one-stop-shop' by not having this feature.

    I hope that this can be implemented soon, as this would be a major efficiency improvement! Thank you to all of your dev group for the continuous improvements, and for listening to your customer suggestions!

  • Koleen Steiner
    Koleen Steiner ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Taylor!

    I AGREE!!

    A workaround: I started linking them via the quick links feature as a "website," this opens in a new tab, rather than a Smartsheet sheet, which opens in the same tab. The inability to open in new tab from a dashboard link has driven me a bit crazy for a while!!

    Thank you for submitting!!


    Koleen Steiner

    IT PM & Smartsheet Guru, BeiGene, Inc.

  • MattS345

    Adding links to sheets, reports, or dashboards is a great function. However, when the link is clicked on, it opens the link in the current tab and this messes up work flow. This could be improved if there was an option to open the link in a new tab instead of replacing the current tab.

  • Lauren Dominique
    Lauren Dominique ✭✭✭✭✭

    Our team’s dashboards are set up as our central hub to access important data and shortcuts. Would be awesome to be able to click into a shortcut and have it open in a new tab so the user is not directed away from the DB. Yes, they could hypothetically just hit the “back” button or re-open the DB, but when you’ve got DBs with as much data on them as we do, the load time is terrible!

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  • JJMarr
    JJMarr ✭✭

    I like and appreciate the workaround suggested by @parulmishra however, like others, we use this as a platform for users to access the various areas of our Smartsheet setup. For example, I have a dashboard built to my specs with links to various workspaces (since I'm an admin) and our execs have something similar for their ease of use. The option to set up a shortcut to open in a new tab, right inside the dashboard design, would be really helpful and save a lot of mucking about to load in website urls.