Hello everyone:)

I currently have a sheet populated via a web form. There are several people assigned to tasks.

My goal is to have an auto number column to populate a prefix & suffix, based off the person assigned & their corresponding ticket number. I don't know if this is even possible. 

Lets say I'm assigned a task, the number format would show as: LS-XXXX-268790

Your thoughts?


Hi Lisa,

You can only have one auto number column so my suggestion would be to have one or more helper columns

Would that work?

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Andrée Starå

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Hi there!

You are always so helpful:) 

Im not sure that I understand how that would work. Are you suggesting that I add columns with formulas to combine the 2 sets of information? (sorry, Im not on my "A" game today)



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I'm always happy to help!

Yes, exactly. One column to check who the task is assigned to and that would result in the initials. The second column would combine the initial with the auto number.

Would that work?



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Hi there!

Although my formula is working fine when working within the sheet itself, if a new row is populated via a web form, the formula will not populate. Do you think the 2nd portion of my formula in the Row ID column is the culprit? It is set to give a sequential number format. Entry4 +1, Entry4+2, Entry4 +3 etc??? 

(2 blank rows with the formulas were on the sheet before the web form entry- Screenshot attached)

=Format2 + "-" + Entry4 + 1 + "-" + Ticket2

Any Suggestions?