System deleted an automation?

We had an automation set up on a sheet to send a notification to a Teams channel when there are rows added via a form user. This morning one of my colleagues got an email from stating the automation was disabled because one or more blocks in the workflow was invalid. We opened the Automation menu in the sheet and the automation in question no longer exists. It doesn't show up and indicate as disabled; it's simply gone. The activity log also states that the automation was disabled by Smartsheet System at the exact time he received the email and nobody else was working in the sheet at the time (one user was in the sheet but did not do anything related to the automation/did not make any changes at the same time the automation disabled).

Is there a case where the system would delete an automation instead of disable it? Also, is this automation recoverable or will we have to recreate it?


  • I also have this issue with Slack. Received an email, went to check on the automation and it was deleted. I can no longer add Slack notifications (the option isn't there in the automation menu).

    Looks like there's a service incident:

  • My issue is that I have purposely deleted automation, yet they continue.

    Also, I have had smartsheet delete the automation on its own.