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Increasing the number of Attachments when submitting a form...

Currently the limit is 10 attachments per form submission. Is it possible to increase the number of attachments for one of my forms? Link to form below.

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  • S.Karkhoff
    S.Karkhoff ✭✭✭

    I would love the ability to submit documents individually on forms so that we can ensure they are submitting everything that is required.

    For example - a new hire onboarding workflow requires new contractors to submit their headshot, W-9, bio, etc. In order to ensure they have submitted everything, I'd like to see one attachment section dedicated to each file they're attaching.

  • It would be very beneficial to allow people creating forms to have multiple document submission fields. I need people to be able to submit a photo in one part of the form and a written doc in another part. As there's no easy way to make this work I have to use an outside tool then copy the information into Smartsheet. It's very cumbersome and certainly slows down my workflow.