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Third option for Approval Workflows


I was wondering if there was any progress made toward enabling more than just two approval options? I would also like to include "Approve, Reject, Modify". And while the update requests work, I feel like these workarounds are unnecessary and tedious. If we could at least require certain fields be required to be answered in update requests that might make this workaround a little more bearable. I know there have been numerous people asking about this in the community.

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  • AndyM
    AndyM ✭✭

    Hi Team,

    When using the built in approval flow, it only allows two buttons to be viewed. You can setup a new column with a dropdown and have more than two options that can be used (e.g. Approve, Declined, Defferred, Needs more Information), but in the approval flow you can only pick two of those four options. Please enable more than one button to be used! Thanks!

  • JM1
    JM1 ✭✭
    edited 08/01/23

    Agree. This is painful and forces us to use teams instead.

  • Karen Webber

    I work with a number of approval processes where the request might be sent back more than once by the approver for an update or correction by the submitter before it comes back for approval again. Currently this involves including a resubmit button that the submitter has to tick (so that the automation reboots), plus more than one "approved" and "date approved" field to try and track the progress. It works, but it's unnecessarily complicated, submitters occasionally forget to tick the box (and then it falls through the cracks), it becomes ridiculously complex to plan for more than a couple of review requests, and it's pretty easy for the system to break.

    I would love a "review" option along with the "approve"/"decline" options, with that option entering into a natural return loop until approve or decline is picked.

  • Quinn
    Quinn ✭✭

    Enabling us to add more options to the approval step would be tremendously helpful for a workflow I am currently building. I've made a workaround by telling approvers to decline and provide comments for requesters to respond to in an update request, but this isn't ideal.