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Allow sheet Summary Reports as a source for Dynamic Views


It would be helpful to be able to share summary field information from multiple projects using Dynamic View and a Summary Report. Summary Reports are an excellent way to share summary field data for multiple projects. Sharing this data using Dynamic View allows the owner/admin to show key fields in a grid, then make additional details available in the details pane, and provides consumers with the option to filter the dataset.

Currently Dynamic View seems broken as it allows users to click on a summary report using the source picker, but then the process hangs after clicking the Create button.

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  • ABJackson

    My company is now using Smartsheet to track the progress of our projects. We are working towards having a workspace that we can share with some of our top customers. I was making some Dynamic views for our customers and realized that we are unable to create a Dynamic View from our Summary Reports. We use the summary reports to store the majority of the information that our customer would love to see (Notes, Construction PM, Dates, Etc.) It would be really useful if we were able to create a Dynamic view of a summary report to share with our customer, so that they are able to leave us additional comments and update time lines for us as action items are completed on their end.