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Contact List Functionality in Forms

I've noticed this request a few times over the years, but still don't see that Smartsheet has addressed this. When using sheets, the "Contact List" column works wonderfully and will populate any user within our Smartsheet account when you begin typing a name. However, when attempting to use this within a form, it DOES NOT work as Smartsheet users want. Currently, I use a workaround of using a "created by" column within the sheet so it auto populates with the user e-mail address that is submitting the form, then I still have to manually go into the sheet and type the name within a "Contact List" column in order to get automations to work as needed.

Will this ever be addressed so we can use a "Contact List" column within a form that will flow into a sheet and allow for proper automations? For years, Smartsheet users have been asking for functionality that will allow us to use a "Contact List" column within a form and it be automatically tied to all users within our account when submitting via a form, just like how it functions in normal sheet view. Will this functionality ever be available to Smartsheet users?

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