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Using "Groups" to Invite Users to Proof

This piggybacks on enhancement requests for using Groups in Automated Workflows.

Our Marketing and Communications team has a form for employees to submit requests for the marketing material design (e.g., a flyer for an upcoming event). Proofs are uploaded to the request and the same group of people need to review and annotate before sending back to the requestor/sending to the printer. Inviting individuals within the group to review proofs would be very helpful. I know you can create a column for that, but if it's the same people for every item submitted, it would be easier to maintain, especially as someone joins or leaves the review team.

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  • BStump
    BStump ✭✭✭
    edited 04/26/23

    Add the ability to select predefined groups within Smartsheet when inviting people to participate in Proofs. I have about 8-10 managers I must add every time, and it is a bothersome process that can be greatly improved.

  • CarolB
    CarolB ✭✭
    edited 11/29/23

    As a user that often is accidentally left out of the proofing process, Group level invites for proofing would be very valuable! It would ensure that all users that need to be involved in the proofing workflow are included. Add a group and DONE! No one that has valuable input gets left out. Please add this to assist in managing the proofing workflow with ease.