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Row automation - add to top of sheet

Add an option when using automation to move/copy a row to add the row to the top of the sheet.

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Thank you for letting us know that you would like the flexibility to add new rows to either the top or bottom of a sheet via automations. While this isn't on our roadmap right now, it's definitely something we're looking into. Keep upvoting this, and your other ideas, to help us prioritize!



  • It would be very helpful if this automation was possible - for example, I have a column with Flags for priority tasks - once clicked, therefore made a priority, I;d like the row to move to the top so all the priority items are there

  • CarolDF
    CarolDF ✭✭

    Please add an option to create a new row at the top of the sheet when automatically moving data.

  • Has this feature been added? I can't seem to find the functionality, when moving rows from one sheet to another, there should be a feature to add it to the top of the page.

  • This seems an obvious oversight but a simple fix. What's the timeline on this Smartsheet?

  • I agree this is annoying and should be fixed!

  • Ipshita
    Ipshita ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/12/23

    So far we can only automate rows to be moved to the bottom of the target/destination sheet. It would be great if we can have the option to select whether the new rows get added to the top or the bottom of the destination sheet.

    Ipshita Mukherjee

  • Kelly Valdez
    Kelly Valdez ✭✭
    edited 09/12/23

    Yes please! It would make life so much easier if it was an option.

  • When copying rows from one sheet to another, it woyld be nice if we can chose where they arrive - bottom or top of destination sheet

  • Tina Ciak
    Tina Ciak ✭✭✭✭

    Currently when you move a row it gets added to the bottom of a sheet.

    I would love to see this updated so you can choose like you can with forms.

    I have a few use cases where adding to the top is preferred.

  • I would find it very beneficial to allow a feature that would place a row that moves from one sheet to another via automation at the top of that sheet instead of defaulting to the bottom. You allow new additions to the top of the sheet via forms, but not for moving via automation.

    It is very frustrating to have to continuously go to the bottom of large documents and move the row to the top, if there is no other sortable data on the row.

  • dadkins
    dadkins ✭✭
    edited 12/30/23

    I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but getting any Move Rows automations to go to the top if selected. Saw a post years ago asking the same and the lack of response is one of the top reasons I would move from Smartsheet to something similar showed up. Would love to see much more responsiveness and inclusion of basic, simple features for how work is done. When Forms have the ability to add to top or bottom of a sheet, it's hard to understand how a Move Automation not have the ability to sort add a row to the top in 2023 (or hasn't been prioritized for development)? So much functionality usage for it.

    Man, I hope you all can make more progress quicker on these more basic features and others like full color spectrum in sheets.