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Disable License Request Features



  • MaggieM
    MaggieM ✭✭✭✭
    edited 11/01/23

    It also causes issues when people who truly don't need a license click it unknowingly.

  • Angie Hatfield
    Angie Hatfield ✭✭✭✭

    Agree with everyone.

    You can't even delete the request, you have to decline it which sends a notification which then leads to more questions. So many people don't understand the difference between needing a license vs being a user.

  • taralyn
    taralyn ✭✭

    I completely agree with the other comments about the repeated license requests to admins and the continuous explanations to users about why they do not need a license for the way they are using Smartsheet.

    I also want to represent the unlicensed user experience. We have users requesting a license knowing they do not NEED it, but request one only for the purpose of removing the annoying pop up asking them to upgrade. They simply want to access data and do their work while not repeatedly being asked to upgrade to a license they don't need.

    The inability for admins to turn this upgrade pop up off is a poor experience all around for admins and unlicensed users.

  • Stephen Haskin

    I totally agree with everyone's sentiment here, and it was put very well by many. We really need the ability to disable what is essentially an annoying popup ad within a product we already pay a significant amount for. Our school district administers hundreds of applications, and Smartsheet is the only one that pesters and confuses our users with upgrade ads. Can you imagine if your IT Service Desk platform asked customers/users submitting a work order or IT ticket "Hey, you want to manage requests for your team? Click here to request an upgraded admin license?" It's nonsense.

    Smartsheet built a licensing model around only certain users needing licenses. My users don't need a clear path inside Smartsheet to get a license--we are an Enterprise. That means we are a sophisticated business with our own processes, including those for requesting access to paid licenses. That request process goes through the Business, which is not the Smartsheet Admin.

    Please, Smartsheet, let us at least have the option to turn this off. That still leaves organizations who want it the ability to have a "clear path to a license," while saving time for admins that don't want or need it and making the product seem like a professional enterprise application (because as is, most of our end users get the impression with this pop-up ad that we're using some freeware or trial).

  • Cathy J
    Cathy J ✭✭

    Please disable the upgrade account message so we don't have to keep denying people's upgrade access.

  • alecv
    alecv ✭✭

    Our users are annoyed by the consistent popup they receive while working. It would be great to disable this popup. An even better feature would be to remove the green upgrade button as admin.

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L ✭✭✭✭

    It's been almost a year since smartsheet responded to this idea so I'd like to propose an idea!

    Per their last response: "We think it's important to make sure our unlicensed users have a clear path to requesting a license" , this in of itself isn't an issue but the issue is that the request license button is plastered everywhere for non-licensed users which has the effect that @Joe dN identified as "it makes management look like we have "bootleged" the software." If Smartsheet reads this comment and the rest of this thread they will hopefully see this is a very common sentiment from all of us.

    So, if the true objective for this button is to give unlicensed users a clear path to requesting a license it should only show up on features/functionalities that are ONLY available for licensed users. This way users who need paid licenses will be correctly directed to the upgrade request or request license button but ONLY when they are trying to do things that would require a license. For most of us we would all agree only 1/10 of license requests are accurate, accurate as meaning users who truly need a license.

    This resolution would take out two birds with one stone, it would reduce the amount of users who request licenses who don't need them AND it would make the software look better overall for your average user. Both of these should be objectives that Smartsheet is looking to apply in order to improve their product.

  • Shawn_K2
    Shawn_K2 ✭✭✭

    I'm glad to see others pushing for this feature. We have been with Smartsheet for almost a year now and this has been a pain point. Smartsheet, please listen to your users and provide this function asap.

    Disable License Request Features

  • msharpy
    msharpy ✭✭
    edited 02/22/24


    Please remove the "upgrade your membership" message from the enterprise version of Smartsheet. Or, allow it to be optional, so Admins can remove it. As Admins, this creates more work for us. Users who do not need licenses request upgrades because they think they "need" to as a result of the message. This creates a lot of confusion for our users, churn for our Admins, and also results in deploying licenses that are not needed. Click-bait like this should not be present in an enterprise software tool.