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Workspace Shared to panel



  • MK050123

    Dear Smartsheet Design Gurus! Please please please consider making my humbly suggested changes to:

    "Browse" and "Workspace Shared To" Sidebar:

    • Remove the these sidebars from the screen completely
    • Instead, create an icon for each in the left icon menu bar
    • Make them a flyout view when hovered over. (This this this please!) There is no need for these to be constantly in view, let alone a column width that can't be adusted
    • Allow the opportunity to pin the side bars so they do stay in view for those few questionable folk who may actually enjoy having their screen filled and columns squished so they aren't usefully visible

    Please see my very highly technological and haute MS Paint skills in the attached visual

    Many thanks for your consideration, from a peon churning away in the trenches, this small design change would make my life in Gulag a whole lot brighter!!!


  • Raisintoast

    100% agree with the need to be able to collapse the Shared To window and the left sidebar. I'm currently having to click through a list of folders and files to find the file I need since not enough of the file/folder name is visible to help me identify it. Meanwhile, the Workspace Shared To window, in all its empty glory, is sitting there uselessly, unless one finds the blocking of helpful file names useful. Please make this change, SmartSheet! Thank you!

  • cbsarge
    cbsarge ✭✭✭✭

    I put this together real quick and published it to the Chrome Extension store. It adds a couple check boxes that let you hide the sharing side panel as well as the Conversations, Attachments, etc panel. It uses something called localstorage to save the state of the check box in your browser. It DOES NOT collect any sort of personal data or anything to do with any sheets, reports, etc. It's also completely free if anyone wants to use it. Until Smartsheet gives us a way to do it, I hope this will prove useful to some of you. It should work in Chrome or Edge.

  • J_B
    edited 04/02/24

    Bumping this request to remove or allow collapsing of the "Workspace Shared to" panel. Not only does it take up too much real estate, at the sacrifice of much more critical columns, but it can also be inaccurate. I have updated the permission levels for some of my team members, but the panel doesn't refresh, and reflects out-of-date information.

    Thank you for addressing this issue.

  • RNiehaus
    edited 04/17/24

    Adding my vote to this. The "Workspace shared to" panel may be useful for some people, but it's useless for most of us, and clutters the screen/eats valuable real estate. Please add the option to hide it. Especially for those of us who work on laptops, it's a severe hindrance to our ability to effectively use Smartsheet.

    I note that there's an extension available for Chrome and Edge to do this, but that doesn't help those of us who use the app or have a browser managed by the company.

  • Jenna Vanderzee

    I hate that the panel that shows who a workspace or asset is shared to is constantly visible in the "Browse" view. It takes up a lot of UI real estate, especially on smaller screens like a laptop. I would much rather be able to collapse/hide/resize that panel, and be able to see the full names of my assets!