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Webform names don't match to contact list when inputted on form



  • Shaine Greenwood
    Shaine Greenwood Employee
    edited 03/13/17

    Hi All—


    I've logged your votes down for this on our enhancement request list that is periodically reviewed by our Product team.


    Thanks for your input!

  • This discussion thread has been going for nearly 2 years now.  As per most of the comments, I find the absence of this feature bewildering.  Could we have a bit more feedback other than "it has been logged with the product team".  That response has also been given for nearly 2 years.  Why hasn't this enhancement (or basic requirement?) been addressed and what are the plans to address it?

  • Todd Gould
    edited 03/23/17

    When I created my form, I thought I had done something wrong when the form field for my Contact List column showed up as a free form text box.  What?  How can this be?  Please get this defect corrected.  Bad design is still a defect. 

  • Paul Watson
    edited 04/05/17

    +1 for this feature. Contact list fields in webforms should be a dropdown and have same functionality as grid view.

  • I agree with Simon Williams above, this has been going on for 2 years, when is this going to be resolved.  Smartsheet works well for our purpose but this is very frustrating, I have to monitor it constantly to update the webform entries to associate the name to the contacts list.

  • This is definitely an issue. Our company uses forms a lot which often have a contact list field. Since the form doesn't identify the name as a contact or Smartsheet user, it doesn't carry over to the resource view.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I've found a way to do it.

    you have to add a new contact field in the webform screen. Just go to "Add Field ->Create New -> Contact List... and  add all contact you want to appear in the dropdown menu." 

    If you add the field in the grid view it will not work.

    Let me know if that work for you. Also if you guys need any help.





  • Yes, this is a option to provide a dropdown however it's not scalable on large volume of users.  Smartsheet has a fuzzy search option but should doesn't restrict to only one version of the name with a matched email address.   After using smartsheets for a very long time, it would now seems to me for Smartsheets to make the fuzzy search restriction to only have contact names which have an email address associated to it, not allowing in a contact column to have a free form name without an email address. This would at least reduce the number of duplicates for the same name.

  • Can the system then send automated notifications/alerts to that person if you've set it up in that way?

  • hdorath
    edited 06/20/17

    Yes. I set it up that way and it's been working fine for me.  Users are getting notifications  

    The only problem is that its not scalable so you have to add them manually to the dropdown in the webform . Other than that it should work fine.




  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Please add my vote for this feature.  In an Enterprise situation, at the very least it should be able to pull a list of licensed users and/or automatically link the person filling out the form with the licensed user name.

  • Great! That does indeed work. I think it needs to be a searchable contact list to make it scalable...

  • Glad I was able to help.



  • This works in the form when sending and update request, why can't the same functionality be available in a web form? 

  • SarahW
    edited 04/04/18

    +1 for this!  We have teams that are receiving requests from across our entire company and would love to use Smartsheet web forms to receive the requests. However, even when the person logging the request has a Smartsheet account, it just shows their name on the entry.  The teams then have to manually go in and edit the contact fields, and they cannot trigger alerts to the logger until doing that.  Having the account show on the sheet would huge help and would be another way to drive people towards using Smartsheet web forms over other tools. Google forms has this functionality, so it has been tricky to get people to move from that to Smartsheet.  We also cannot use the drop-down as aw orkaround because the drop-down would have 5,000 people.

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