I've been using smartsheets for projects plans for some weeks now and can manage all of the usual functions that I'm used to but I've got a new challenge.


How do i add variable contigency to the duration of a task based on a BRAG status?



In an Agile development environment the first pass estimate is RED and should contain 20% additional duration to the story points. Second pass (yellow) would be more accurate so +15% duration, etc etc.


Has anyone managed this? I tried a ferw templates but couldnt see this done anywhere




If you look at the template tutorials, there is a Agile template




I have not used it (except long ago when first experimenting with Smartsheet) so don't know if it answers your question.


If I understand you query correctly, the problem you may run into is that if Dependencies are set for the project sheet, the Duration can't have a formula.

In fact, all of the columns associated with the Project Settings will not allow formulas once dependencies are set.


Hope this helps.



Thanks. That's actually the template i'm using but being a crteative marketing agency we couldnt just use the standard approach.


I thing i understand about the dependancies (they are required) locking out the duration. I'll work another way into the planning.