I am trying to use a set of sheets for material tracking from various suppliers without actually having to have my employees use several sheets to do it.  I am wondering if there is a way/formula to look through a specific column for a supplier name, and in whichever row it finds said supplier it then outputs that entire row as a result.  I would use this to build individual supplier sheets for review while allowing our production staff to only have to monitor/edit one sheet.


Have you looked into building reports?

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I have glossed over it; however, can you use one report to seed information into several different sheets dependent upon a singular answer?  IE If(Supplier = x) put information on X sheet but if(Supplier = y) put information on Y sheet?  If not then I am stuck with the same problem as before.

You can reference entire workspaces and folders within a report. Assuming the layout of all of the sheets is that same, it will essentially create a "Master". When a cell is updated in a report and the report is saved, it will then automatically update the corresponding sheet that the row was pulled from.

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Thank you Paul!

After looking through the reports section it does exactly what I need, by searching a specific column for an exact text string I can then build the report to not only pick and choose the columns I want to show, but also what order I want them in.  This will of course allow me to format anything into the correct format for a Dashboard no matter how i make the initial sheet!  This way i can exclude proprietary information and only share the need to know information with our suppliers, and by keeping it out of a work space I can set up several suppliers from the same sheet.


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Excellent! Happy to help! yes